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A dental implant provides several advantages over other tooth replacement options.
In addition to looking and functioning like natural teeth, dental implants can replace multiple teeth (or even an entire arch) without sacrificing the health and structure of remaining teeth.

Advantages of multiple dental implants include:

  • one implant can support more than one tooth (e.g. 2 implants can support 3-4 teeth usually, or a whole arch on 4-6 implants)
  • looks like natural teeth
  • fixed in the jaw, no need to remove and not mobile like dentures
  • no hooks on nearby teeth
  • no need to cut nearby teeth like for a dental bridge
  • will not decay like natural teeth

Disadvantages of multiple dental implants include:

  • cost increases depending on the number of implants and teeth required
  • gum/bone disease can still occur around implants
  • implant components can still chip or break if overloaded (e.g. grinding/clenching, trauma)
  • requires more effort brushing and flossing at home
  • still needs to be checked and cleaned by qualified professionals on a regular basis (e.g. yearly)
  • teeth may need to be removed for cleaning every 1-2 years 


The process of having a multiple implants generally consists of several steps over a 3-6 month period as described below:

1. Consultation + x-ray assessment of all potential implant sites - all associated procedures and risks will be discussed including a printed quote covering all costs involved.

2. Implant surgery (may include additional procedures including bone grafting or sinus lift) - usually done in a pain-free manner under local anaesthetic in the dental chair. Length of procedure will be determined by the number of implants needed ranging between 1 to 3 hours usually.

3. Healing period of 3-6 months - time needed for implant to integrate into the jaw bone before it can be used for function. If 4 or more implants are placed to replace a full arch then they may be used immediated after surgery. We will schedule review appointments during this time to check the healing process.

4. Implant bridge fabrication - implant bridges will be custom made by our local certified dental laboratory to ensure the correct colour and shape is achieved. This process if more involved than the standard single unit and may take up to 4 weeks.

5. Maintenance and follow-ups - implants should be reviewed at least on a yearly basis along with the rest of the mouth at routine dental checkups. 


How many implants do I need if I'm missing multiple teeth?

The number of missing teeth usually dictates the number of implants required however it is not 1 to 1. For example, 2 implants can support a 3 or 4 teeth bridge and a full arch of teeth (12-14 teeth) can be placed on top of 4-6 implants. Several other factors will need to be considered when deciding the number of implants thus it is best to consult the implant clinician

How much would multiple implants cost compared to a single implant?

Pricing for multiple implants and teeth are not calculated the same way as single implants as the ratio of implant:teeth are not always 1:1. For example a full arch of teeth (12-14) on 4-6 implants will cost much less than 12-14 singular implants and teeth.


3 incisors on 2 dental implants
3-unit dental bridge on 2 implants to replace lost front teeth
3 unit bridge for chewing
3-unit bridge on 2 dental implants to replace a partial denture for improved chewing and aesthetics
2 incisors on a single implant
One implant with 2 teeth to replace a partial denture for teeth lost due to trauma
Lower 3-unit bridge on 2 dental implants
3-unit bridge on 2 dental implants to replace a partial lower denture
Implant Solution Adelaide Dr Han Deng


Dr. Han Deng – B.D.S & B.Sc.Dent(Hons), MClinDent (Implant Dentistry)

Originally born in Beijing (China), Han grew up in the south-western parts of Sydney and subsequently moved to Adelaide in order to pursue a career in dentistry. Han graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2011 with a concurrent Honours degree focusing on oral cancer and oral surgery.

He has been in private practice since graduation, working all around Adelaide before becoming a practice owner himself in 2012. With the help of his chinese background, he is fluent in both English and Mandarin (Chinese). He has always had a special interest in the field of implant dentistry and went on to complete a 2-year masters of clinical dentistry in implant dentistry at Griffith University in the Gold Coast while being the only interstate graduate of his year.

He is currently the owner and principal dentist of three dental surgeries throughout the Adelaide metro area and provides comprehensive implant treatment including both implant surgery and restoration in-house. He focuses on efficient, cost-effective and realistic treatment planning as well as long-term maintenance. He believes in honestly and responsibility when it comes to dental treatment and takes great pride in taking genuine care of his patients. He has a very close relationship with a state-of-the-art Adelaide dental laboratory to ensure all implant work is genuine and local with warranties on all components/parts.


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